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Forget the Finish Line: Embrace the Journey of Chasing Your Dreams

My name is Dabrell Thompson and I'm a writer. That writing inch I have stems from writing music. It's been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. It has been so many ups and downs trying to break out, that it can be exhausting and very stressful. Not only are expectations high, but the sense of failure always whispers in your ear telling you to stop. But along the way I've had people that have stuck with me through every hurdle, fellow dreamchasers. The plan is still to be on world stages rocking the house down, but I've learned to appreciate the journey. It's taken me to places I never thought I would be, even if it isn't the places I've dreamed of. Patience, Perseverance, and Passion for the chase have disciplined my mind-body, and soul. I have something to keep running toward and that makes my life meaningful. The scenery is great on this journey I'll see the finish line soon enough with the people I love.

This blog is about self-reflection and a conversation among humans that can spread like wildfire and help one another. Remember it's someone out there that would love to hear what you have to say.

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