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The Cost of Human Existence: Unraveling the Mystery of Our History

Have you ever sat back and wondered why we pay to live on Earth? When did we first start paying and why? Will humans pay to live on Earth forever? So many questions and not enough answers. Our history has a lot of mystery, so come aboard my ship and at least explore a little. My name is Dabrell Thompson and today we will discuss just why we pay to live on Earth.

Image by Nick Stanford

Well firstly, what are Property taxes or to some people land taxes? A property tax is what it sounds like — a tax paid on a residential or commercial property owned by individuals like you or a legal entity. The rate is determined by your local government and is based on many factors. Since the tax rate is determined based on your local government, it varies across states and even across zip codes!  Property taxes in the United States originated during the colonial period.

By 1796, state and local governments in fourteen states taxed land. Delaware at that time did not tax property, but instead the income from it. Slaves were even listed as property taxes since they were considered property to their owners. But why did they do this, and why do we still pay taxes? The Earth should be a free place to live right?

Image by Nick Stanford

You would think humans could work together and be able to build and grow together naturally for all mankind. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that will never happen in this lifetime. The Earth has been plagued by this age-old question since humans came into existence. Unfortunately, we just can't seem to get along long enough to just do right by one another. This beautiful rock has been ravished by war and power corrupters throughout its history.

Fortunately, we have come up with a solution to sort of work together for the better and get things done; it just so happens to be centered around a currency. If we had the right minds to just work together we wouldn't need this, but we just can't. To some, it's as easy as that, to others it's still pretty baffling that we pay to live, but it works as of now. Taxes help pay for schools, sanitation, safety, spaces, streets, and a litany of services. Without any unjust pushback and violence.

Just imagine being a Zebra claiming a Lions territory without a bargaining chip involved. On second thought let's not imagine that. Let's be more like birds, I mean they fly free right?

 Image by Nick Stanford

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