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10 Must-Have Movie Toys That Belong In Your Collection

Christmas is just days away and I can't wait. Having four kids of my own really puts me in the Christmas spirit, it brings out the kid in me. But after receiving my kids Christmas lists, and being tasked with delivering it too Santa; I noticed something. I discovered neither one of them had a single toy on it, just electronics. With toy sales down across the globe, I reminisced of the days when toys were everything, especially the ones in movies. Some of those toys were a kids dream come true from my generation. If only kids would appreciate toys the way I did, so hopefully this list can bring a new found hope.

10. The Mutator from 'Home Alone 3' (1997)

The Mutator is a remote control toy car made by TYCO. I first laid eyes on this badboy at the tender age of eight. My first time seeing it was in Home Alone 3, used by Macauley Culkin replacement Alex D. Linz. who played Alex Pruitt in the film. This was the epitome of remote controlled cars in my eyes, it was fast, cool looking and was very durable. Although a lot of movie magic was used, I can speak proudly and say this made me want a remote controlled car.

9. The Indian in the Cupboard (1995)

The Indian in the Cupboard is one of those movies that you'll aways remember if you've seen it. I'll never forget the battles between the Indian and the cowboy in the film, such a kind hearted story. A movie forgotten in the 90's, but a gem to say the least. Imagine two toys you have, coming to life and beefing with one another, sounds wild right? Well I'm a wild guy, because that would have made my childhood top tier.

8. The Airplane from 'Stuart Little 2' (2002)

Ok, I know what you're thinking. The only reason this looks cool is because Stuart was actually in the airplane flying it. Well you may be right, but that still doesn't take away fro the fact that this airplane was awesome. The sleek red and yellow paint job and the aerodynamic capabilities wowed little me. I may not have been able to ride in the airplane, but boy did I want to fly it. Little side note here, this was the first time New York was added to my place of must visit destinations.

7. The Watch from 'Clockstoppers' (2002)

Need I say more. Well of course I should, I mean this is a blog right? Ok, my sense of humor is gonna be the death of me. Well, moving on, we have the illustrious watch from the film Clockstoppers. I know it's technically not a toy, but I feel this movie was severely underrated and I'm not sure if people know how awesome this watch is. The watch catapults the user and anyone who touches it into hyper time. Like I mentioned before, need I say more.

6. Major Chip Hazard from 'Small Soldiers' (1998)

Small Soldiers was one of the first films I remember seeing in theaters. I left blown away by the movie and itching for a Commando Elite toy, preferably Major Chip Hazard. Brilliantly voiced by Tommy Lee Jones this character became a constant figure in my mind, sorry Gorganites. I eventually got the Major, thanks to my mom and dad, and I can say, it was one of my most prized toys as a youth. Side note here, this film introduced me to the Spice Girls.

5. The Red Ryder, Carbon Action, Two-Hundred Shot Range Model Air Rifle from 'A Christmas Story' (1983)

A Christmas Movie is one of the many Christmas films I can recite word for word. It was a staple in my household as a kid. A marathon of it always ran on TNT for 24 hours straight. One year my brother and I watched it at least six times in a row one year. The legendary ''You'll shoot your eye out'' sent little Ralphie (played by Peter Billingsley) into a crisis. The Red Ryder BB gun he desired was the first time I ever heard of a BB gun. One of the most iconic movie toys ever, I wish I could have gotten my hands on one. On second thought I probably would have shot my eye out.

4. Jumanji (1995)

The Jumanji movies are now comedic box office powerhouses. But once upon a time, the late great Robin Williams helped launch the franchise, as well as the board game. Imagine a game that transported you to another world where you could be king. A huge vacancy of land with majestic wildlife. It sounds so cool right? Well of course now we all know its very dangerous, especially when the game comes to you as well. But, nevertheless, I still wanted to play the game as a kid. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance until I became an adult. Maybe that's why the game didn't come to life, because I didn't have my child innocence any longer. Yeah that had to be why.

3. Turbo Man from 'Jingle All the Way' (1996)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always had comedic chops and we all know he can kick butt in action flicks as well. But what about a Christmas film? Well, you can check that one off the list as well. He and co star Sinbad, along with the late great Phil Hartman made this a holiday classic in my house. With his son vying for his attention as well as the hottest Christmas toy ever 'Turbo Man'. Howard Langston played by Schwarzenegger, picked the wrong time to go last minute Christmas shopping; something I can relate to. This film not only made me want a Turbo Man, but also a tv series. I love this movie and I had a thrill watching it with my kids.

2. Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story (1995)

"To infinity and beyond" a phrase spewing from every kids mouth from 1995 until present day. The pixar flagship and father 'Toy Story' has iconic written all over it. Yet another film I can recite word for word with my friends and family. Buzz Lightyear sprang on to the scene and became the coolest toy in not only Andy's room, but around the world. Disney lost upwards to $50 million dollars by not manufacturing enough Buzz Lightyear toys in 1996. Parents were paying $100 to get one from black markets, four times the retail price. The real life Turbo Man indeed was Buzz Lightyear. I've had several over the years and the franchise has shown no signs of letting up.

1.Woody from Toy Story (1995)

Sheriff Woody joins his best friend Buzz Lightyear in my top two spots. I love Toy Story and still do till this day. The first one still holds up and my kids adore the films and toys. Its comforting knowing two different generations can enjoy the same things. Woody was my favorite character from the movie and he was one of my favorite toys as a kid. He got into alot of losing fights against Goku, but nevertheless he was still a favorite of mines. As far as movie toys go, he is second to none in my opinion. Thinkway Toys created the first pull string Woody toy and it also fell victim to a shortage. Thinkway didn't believe Toy Story would be as successful as it was. The leader of Andy's toys still remains a staple in pop culture today, even with a snake in his boots. Wow, I should have ended on a higher note huh?

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