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Dabrell Thompson


Meet Max Creo


Journey to the Void Galaxy

I am Max Creo, a luminary creationist who wields neon energy to manipulate a mysterious structure capable of birthing planets. I was raised by the Nebula Organization, I  aspire to liberate myself and pursue a rockstar lifestyle. Revered as a celebrity in the Astrum Galaxy.

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About Dabrell Thompson

Dabrell Thompson is a writer from Memphis Tennessee currently has a published short story entitled Tales from the Dragon Forest. Dabrell is also in the process of writing three science fiction novels. He is currently enrolled at Full Sail University to earn his bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing.

A passionate writer who loves to explore the unknown, he specializes in writing about stories of the imagination. Whether it be about a race of aliens living on a distant planet or a story about a daring astronaut stumbling upon a secret.  His goal is to create stories that will engage and captivate the reader.  His work is carefully crafted with each detail in mind, and he strives to bring readers into the world of imaginative exploration. If you are looking for exciting and unique stories, then you’ve come to the right place. Also, check out his daily blogs.

Comic Book Page
Futuristic humans walking a valley


“Pass From Sight”|Flash Fiction|Apoclyptic|Sci-Fi|1000



 A group of teens in a post-apocalyptic world where half of humanity has vanished. They become tasked with finding the one scientist that may know the cause of the disappearances  

A journey into the unknown.

“Mission Complete"|Short Script|Drama|6 pages

Two brothers with drastically different lives are both tied to NASA but have very distinctive mission statements.

“My Strange Day Off”| Flash Fiction|Sci-Fi|649



Cory just wants to enjoy his first day off work in a long time. He would love to get some rest, even if it’s at the expense of the apocalypse.


Victorian era London makes a comeback

“Catch the Night”|Flash Fiction|Horror Fantasy|738



Leonis will stop at nothing to prove his brother is innocent of gruesome murders that have recently plagued London.

A secret society takes a mainstream approach

"Unconcious World"|Short Script| Supernatural|10 pages

After his father dies young workaholic stumbles upon a letter that turns his life upside down. His fathers secrets are the stuff of nightmares.

Computer Keyboard


Press Release 
Copywriting 402 Words
A press release written to solicit reviews for a recently published e-book.

Max Creo & the Legend of the Void Galaxy Story Bible

Research Document |1759 Words

This "Story Bible" is a reference document and style guide that establishes the standards for the writing, design, and production for the (film/TV series/game/comic series/novel) known as _Max Creo & the Legend of the Void. It details and outlines the characters, culture, history, landscape, and other aspects of the story's "world" and would be used by the writers and production crew to maintain continuity and consistency over the course of the project.

A book with secrets from different eras in time

Published Work


Stories from beyond our understanding.


E-Book Production | Science Fiction Fantsay | 3,036 words

Echoes from the Void Galaxy


Stories from beyond our understaning. The production of this e-book involved several steps and processes. Polishing the e-book content. Building, formatting, and programming the manuscript following industry standards to create e-book files that would be compatible with multiple devices. Finally, uploading the e-book for publication and distribution, and creating marketing material for it.

Many Books

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